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Jam off line

Well it's a long story, not that pretty actually a bit negative. Although I did get the renovations done. Anyway, we're not webcasting since May 2008. Perhaps we might get back at it later. I sure miss hosting the JAM on-line. Always great music.

I'll split out more clips from the material we have collected so far.

A Little Bearlys History Moment

November 11, 2007

First time I've seen Mimi on stage. But he had something to say. Sorry about your dad, and say thanks for kicking the whole thing off and to you for continuing it for the last 20 years.

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Scarecrow at Bearlys...When

This is classic Scarecrow Blues Band (Fredericton, NB). Dave Beattie, Vocals. Jonny Price and Ian Beattie on Guitars. Peter Rioux on Keys, Pat Peltier on Drums and Chrissy on Bass.

Do you think that this band would be a good band to play Bearlys?

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House of Blues

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Jumping JAM

I wrote Jumping what's that mean? Could be Matt Hebb stuff.

Brad Conrad and the JAM

Brad's Sunday Blues JAM at Bearlys. Heres some more from a few years back.

Johnny Tornado

west meets east

Johnny brought his bass player from the west to the east. Hooked up with some maritime musicians (Garrett Mason) and made music. Just before they headed back west, Johnny heads to the Bearlys Jam.

Garrett Mason

more music per minute

Garrett Mason's 1st CD Release party at Bearlys. Camera work mostly managed by Lazy James Cody.